Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Arch over sun - over one

On Serenity Harbor Blog #2, Angela asked about a good way to do the arch when you are stitching over one on 32-count fabric. I will also be using 32-count linen, over one, and am wondering whether doing a whipped backstitch over one would work - that is, would it be a smooth enough curve? Or would it look too heavy? If any member of Blog #2 reads this and wants to post this over there so Angela might see it, that would be great. I would welcome thoughts or suggestions from others on this blog, and I'm sure Angela would also. Thanks! - Joetta in KS

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  1. I also have been thinking of how to do the backstitched arch. I am doing mine 1 over 1 on 32, and I figure that I am going to leave it until the end, and I might not do it at all. You might want to practice on the edge of linen to see if the whipped backstitch will work.