Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I am working 1-over-1 in silks on Smoke Pearl Belfast Linen. I have been working from the top down for the left half of the design, with the frame turned 90 degrees. So, I am now halfway-halfway!

I have struggled mightily with the yellow-greens. That is definitely my poison color! I may decide later to rip out the bright yellow-green from the large tree at the bottom of Section 5/top of Section 6.

I'm using Belle Soie Weathered Vine for the arch frame, have made the large heron a darker gray/blue overdye, the boat is brown, and the tree trunks are a brown overdye. I'm puddling the light seafoam overdye for the water, so have left some open spots at the center to give myself some wiggle room.



  1. It is just beautiful, I love the changes, Cant wait to see more,

  2. Very nice, Joetta! I love seeing the results of changes some of us are making.

  3. Lovely! I'm using an overdue for my water also but am having some trouble. Despite my best efforts I'm getting "stripes" in my water. In fact, I'm going to rip out a big section and try again. It's really put me behind but I hate to use a solid color because the ocean in not all one color. What are you using for the lighter color of water and what stitiching technique did you use?