Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hello and what fabric?!

Good evening, ladies and gents (if there are any)! I'm new here, although not new to Donna's designs. I just got my patterns over the weekend and will be printing them out probably tomorrow. Meantime, I am contemplating fabric color.

My initial thought was BLUE! The fabric is most visible at the top, which is the sky, but it is also visible around the edges with the border. I like the various shades of sand and beige that I have seen you all use, especially for the border area, but I'm really wanting blue for the sky. Can't do both. Then... I read Donna's note where she loves seafoam green, and sure enough, her water is green. Hmm. Would blue sky work with the green? To check it out, I scrounged around the Internet for an appropriate photo of green water with blue sky, and this is what I came up with:

The water isn't *quite* as green as it is in the sampler, but the strong contrast is there. I think I like it! I am afraid the border will lose some of its lovely definition if I use a blue this dark, so will likely go for a medium or light blue. Not pale or pastel, just definitely blue.

Pondering. And also considering size. Leaning toward 40 ct, over 2. But then should I do petit point and not cross?

Stay tuned for another edition of "Susanna's Brain Runs All Over Your Blog."


  1. ahhh... the decisions... I like your ponderings. I too have been thinking. My fabric is 2 over on 32... but... I'm leaning to 40 also. I look forward to what you decide on! ;)

  2. you are so funny :) great questions and decisions,

  3. I'm sorry that I haven't posted yet but I'm using Mt. Baker Blue on 40ct over 2 and it looks good.

  4. I have yet to decide. I am doing the Autumn in Vermont design on a medium blue that looks like autumn sky to me, but I had to change out the water color to make it work. So I am thinking what I need to do is haul myself and my Serenity Harbor floss over to my LNS and have a "come to mama" floss toss moment with some of their blues. That way if a blue grabs me and wrestles me to the ground, I can swap out the water color if I need to. OTOH, I may find precisely the blue that works as is. We Shall See and Report.