Sunday, March 29, 2015

A share from Barbara

I am sharing a photo for Barbara, 
She is using 32ct Vintage Flagstone, stitching over (1) and she said she loves this fabric color-looks like a sky), she didn't think the clouds or birds were showing up well, and the sun is a weak color so she decided to go back over the clouds and birds in a full cross to see if that would make them pop more. Some of the clouds are in Gloriana silks and others in SDA or NPI silks (Cathe's conversion).She has blended Continental and full crosses and it working out great. 
Thank you Barbara for sharing and the next one will be out soon !!


  1. I am so impressed with the progress of these charts. I have finally caught up on part 3 and started on part 4. I just love my own needlework-this is not a feeling I get very often. I am so happy with this SAL that I wanted to share my confidence. I am not ready to share a photo but wanted to share my enthusiasm.

    1. Abi, I started part 4 on Friday, but was not able to work on it over the Easter weekend. It will probably be a while before I post a progress photo, too. Your confidence and enthusiasm for this project is very contagious! Thanks!

  2. Barbara, I think your birds and clouds show up very well. I chose a darker shade of yellow for my sun and that worked for me. Your red roses really pop! Now we're on to part 4! Good luck!